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Ducati Air Filters.

This system developed in 1998 is proven, an air filter system that increases the supply of cool, clean air into the Air Box and increases performance. So easy to fit, so easy to clean, so easy to maintain, these Air Filters are easily accessible and can be cleaned and used time and time again.

"What a difference"... the easiest, simplest way to increase power and improve performance for Ducati 748, Ducati 916, Ducati 996 & Ducati 998...

Ducati 916, 748, 996 & 998 Performance Air Filters.
Ducati 916, 748, 996 & 998 performance Air Filter Kit - Colour Black will be supplied.

What makes DUCATIONLY Air Filters so good?

DUCATIONLY Air Filters are positioned over the air duct entry inside the Air Box, this maximises air volume down the air ducts and maximises the available air volume for imediate acceleration in the air box. Because there is more air available there is improved induction (what a great sound), improved air flow (better performance) and maximised air box area (more initial power when you open her up). Simple principles that work.

  • Easy to install
  • Pre-oiled Foam, just put them in
  • Includes fitting kit and instructions
  • Easy to maintain, clean and re-use

  • Fits all Standard Ducati Air boxes and aftermarket Air boxes.
  • Solves the OEM Air Filter problems - allows removal of OEM Filters from the Duct.
  • Inexpensive bolt on power.
  • Improve your Ducati's sound.
  • Can repeatedly Clean, oil and re-use.
  • Filters the Air from the Duct.
  • Proven. Developed in 1998 and proven reliable and effective.
  • A simple, inexpensive solution with many benefits.

    Easy to fit.
    Easy to maintain.
    Increase the power and performance of your Ducati.
    EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Aust. $165 Incl. GST - EXPORT AUD$150.

Feel the power, hear the roar get our Air Filters to your door.

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  • You can stay with the OEM in-air-duct filters. The OEM Filters have great surface area however the air ducts often separate allowing air and dust in after the filter and allows the filter to move out of position. The OEM Filters in the air ducts limit air capacity and makes maintenance both a headache and more costly.

  • Over the velocity stack filter. This system takes up a huge amount of space in the air box. With the filter taking up the space of air there is a significant reduction in the initial response when the throttle is open with aggression. This results in an apparent loss in horse power and rate of acceleration and smaller 'pods', they do not appear to be an improvement.

  • DUCATIONLY Filters. This system increases air flow, takes up little space in the air box and does not disrupt velocity stack air flow so the power is there exactly when you open the throttle.

    "HI got air filters yesterday and put them on today, very easy mod, many thanks for the fast delivery. These are the dogsbollocks". (Clive- ENGLAND)

    "Wow, these work great, the change was immediate. Much more power, the bike goes much better and the sound is great". (Dale - AUSTRALIA).

    "The standard filters do a good job. Ideally you want a free flowing filter, minimal air flow intrusion, over the inlet duct." (Ducati Dealer - USA).

    "I had been warned about sealing issues on Ducati-MS, when I looked at it, I realized that air gets into the airbox between the tank and airbox anyway and the job of the Filters is to prevent damaging material from getting in through the air tubes. They do this very well, thank you for a great product at a reasonable price". (Jose - FL USA).

    "We recommend these to all our customers, reliable and so much easier to maintain, the performance increase is good too". (Mark - DEALER IN AUSTRALIA).

    "We use these in our own bikes and recommend the change to our customers, the performance increase is noticeable and because of their position, they are so much better for the motor". (Paul - DEALER IN USA).

    Easy to fit.
    Easy to maintain.
    Increase the power and performance of your Ducati.
    EXCEPTIONAL VALUE Aust. $165 Incl. GST - EXPORT AUD$150.

Feel the power, hear the roar get our Air Filters to your door.

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Dealer inquiries welcome.

    BEWARE OF WHAT YOU HEAR: We are told of comments by Motowheels and others on Ducati-MS criticising our filters. We welcome fair and informed discussion, these comments appear to be someone's opinion and not based on informed testing and research. We do not object to fair criticism and when the people criticising our product immediately offer to sell an alternative with a price quoted, I do not see fair and informed discussion, I hear someone only trying to rubbish our product to sell theirs.

    We tested our filters for many months on the road and on the race track and our testing proved that the seal over the air ducts is sufficient to prevent a majority of material that could be damaging (remember some dirt can also get into the Air Box between the Tank and the Air Box top) and that the surface area is sufficient for the application. These people critisise easily yet they never say what is the correct surface area, do they know? With any Air Filter there is a compromise, we are confident we have found the correct balance of protection, filtration, air capacity, surface area and performance. We dont just sell products, we share your passion.

DUCATIONLY Special Projects for Ducati Motorcycles.

Replacement Air Filters for Ducati 916, Duacti 996, Ducati 998 and Ducati 748.

Ducationly replacement Air Filters easy to fit and easy to maintain.

Easy to fit.
Easy to maintain.
Increase the power and performance of your Ducati.

Replacement Air Filters for Ducati 916, 996, 998 and 748 Models.

We do not provide Dyno Charts comparing DUCATIONLY Filters to other filters for two very good reasons...

1. With a Dyno, there are far too many variable factors; variables with the Dyno, the test conditions and the tune of the bike tested all make a big difference to the Dyno results and can influence the conclusion.

2. We are riders and like you we know when we experience better motor response and when there is more power, we can feel it and we know what we feel.

Ducati 916 racing using DUCATIONLT Air Filters.
Developed and Tested. Proven success since 1998.

Ducationly replacement Air Filters seal over the Air Duct entry for improved air flow.

With any Air Filter there is a compromise. We offer the correct balance of protection, filtration, air capacity, surface area and performance for your consideration.

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